Tylt Energi 12K Battery Pack

£ 42,95

With 3 Universal USB ports

The Energi 12K is the perfect solution for someone looking for days of power. The huge 12,000mAh internal battery will fully charge your smart phone four times. 

Perfect for traveling families, the 3 USB ports can charge 3 devices simultaneously. There is even a dedicated Tablet port to rapidly charge most tablets. SmartDetect technology ensures it is compatible with any USB powered tablet as well, no matter the make, model or operating system used.

It uses battery cells certified at the highest level. This ensures users can use the product for years with minimal degradation and without worries about safety. Never lose track of how much power you have left with the LED indicator.

* Rechargeable 12,000mAh internal battery
* Universal USB ports for charging most devices, including iPod, iPhone, and iPad
* 4.2 Amp rapid charging of up to 3 devices simultaneously
* LED light indicates remaining battery capacity
* Fast charge


  • Product Name:Tylt Energi 12K Battery Pack
  • By Tylt
  • Price: £ 42,95
  • Product Width: 0.00 cm
  • Product Height: 0.00 cm
  • Product Depth: 0.00 cm
  • Product Weight: 0.00 kg
  • Description: With 3 Universal USB ports
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